5 Animal Friendly Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

8 April 2015
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Even when it is under heavy lock and key, mice and other pests can find ways into a storage unit. These units are supposed to protect belongings, but a mouse can easily chew through boxes, books, and precious photographs. Instead of laying down poison or traps, you can prevent the animals from entering your unit without harming them in the process.

The following five preventive measures can be completed in a majority of self storage units. It will help keep your unit clean and free from all types of pests.

Storage Solutions

Cardboard boxes are easy to pack and store stuff in, but they can become an attractant for rodents to chew through and nest. Instead of choosing cardboard or Styrofoam, select from the following alternative packing options.

  • Plastic Totes: Plastic totes are durable, light, and easy to organize. Totes with snap-lock lids offer more security and prevent the lids from popping open.
  • Vacuum Bags: Save space and protect items with vacuum seal bags. These plastic bags are durable and ideal for storing clothes or blankets. A vacuum is used to suck all the extra air out and flatten the items as much as possible. The dense structure is a good deterrent for animals.

Vehicle Protection

Larger self storage units are often used for cars. When storing a car, the pipes and vents offer ideal places for pests to nest in. There are multiple ways that you can prepare a car for storage so that animals are not encouraged to live inside.

  • Clean Vehicle: Clean and vacuum your vehicle as much as possible. Remove any old food items or bottles that rodents would be instantly attracted to.
  • Car Hood: While your car is in storage, it's a good idea to keep the hood open. This will discourage rodents from climbing under the hood for safe shelter.
  • Peppermint Air Freshener: Peppermint oil is a common deterrent used to ward mice away from the home. Spray your car seats with peppermint oil or use hanging peppermint air fresheners in multiple parts of the vehicle to help keep pests away.

Sound Repellant Devices

High-pitched sound repellant devices cannot be heard by humans, but they help keep rodents a safe distance from your storage units. A lot of these sound devices plug straight into a wall, but for your unit, you will have to look for a device that operates on battery power.

When using batteries, it's a good idea to check the device every couple of months to see if new batteries are needed. The devices usually work on low power, so heavy duty batteries will typically last for multiple months.

Animal Urine Powder

Smaller pests will often stay away from areas where larger animals may be located. This is where a urine powder comes in. Areas of your storage unit can be lined with fox, dog, or cat urine powder to keep the rodents away.

The best part of the highly concentrated powder is that the smell is only strong enough for rodents. It will not add a scent to your personal belongings or the storage unit as a whole. As an alternative, you can lay cat or dog fur around the storage unit. The scents in the hair will help keep the rodents and pests away.

Dryer Sheets

As a final touch to your unit, dryer sheets can help keep rodents way. The scents in these sheets are not attractive to the rodents and will likely send them off in a different direction. It's a good idea to stick these sheets inside bins, vehicles, or any open areas of the storage unit. The basic scent works and the sheets should be replaced every couple of months or each time you visit the unit. This will help refresh the smell of your unit.

It's also a good idea to check with your storage unit management for additional tips on keeping pests away. You can also visit http://www.getepicstorage.com to more storage info and tips.