Moving Into A Tiny Home: 4 Helpful Tips

5 June 2018
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Moving into a tiny home can be an exciting event, but the actual moving process can be a bit complicated. With the help of your local moving service and a bit of preparation, you can transition into your tiny home a bit easier. Here are some tips you can use to prepare for your move.

1. Schedule A Moving Consultation

Many moving companies offer consultations before your moving date. Typically, this gives the movers a chance to see how much work the process will take so an estimate can be created. However, for a move into a tiny house, this consultation can provide a few added benefits. Work with a company that has experience helping people transition into tiny homes. Use the consultation as an opportunity to determine what will fit in your home and what will not. This information can give you insight into how much you need to declutter and how much will need to go into storage.

2. Rent A Storage Unit

Because you won't be able to move everything into your tiny home, you'll want to have a place to put important items. Your self-storage space provides ample room for storing family photo albums, mementos, seasonal clothing, and heirloom furnishings that can't go into the tiny home. Once you've rented your self storage unit, you can begin to start packing items for storage as well as items that will go with you to your new home. Remember that the bulk of your actual moving day work will go into loading the storage unit. You may find that very little will actually go into the tiny home.

3. Request Unpacking Services

Your local moving company has plenty of experience with unpacking and finding a place for all of your items. Instead of unpacking your belongings on your own, leave it up to the movers. They can ensure that items are placed in a way that makes sense for your available space, and they can ensure your home is ready for you to settle in to when they leave.

4. Use Smart Storage Ideas

The amount of space you will have for everyday items in your tiny home will be limited, so it's a good idea to have a few smart storage solutions ready before moving day. Hooks for towels in the bathroom, pot racks in the kitchen, and wall shelves for miscellaneous items are all good ideas. Look for furniture with hidden storage compartments to maximize space as well. Small ottomans with interior storage compartments are ideal for the living room, and captain's beds with built-in drawers make a perfect solution for bedrooms. Identify areas on the walls where you might be able to install small cabinets to provide additional storage options as well.

On the day of your move, you may only need two people to assist with the transition into the tiny home. Remember that the movers will need space to work, so plan on waiting outside when large items, such as sofas and beds, are being brought into the home. For more information, contact your local movers