Tips For Summer-Time Moves: Hiring Movers And More

9 June 2022
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What do you need to know about a summer-time move? From how to handle extreme heat and humidity to the best times to schedule local movers, take a look at the top tips that can make the process easier and help you to keep your cool during the warmest months of the year.

Wait To Turn Off The Electricity

You have a move out date set and ready to go. Should you turn off or transfer your electric service on this day? Even though you won't need to watch TV, use the microwave, or turn on your desktop computer, the summer weather means you may still need electricity on the day of your move.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of air conditioning to decrease the risks of heat-related illnesses. If your soon-to-be old home has central AC, a ductless mini split system, or window units, you should keep the air conditioning on until the last box, bin, and bag are on the moving truck. This means you will need electricity in your home. Schedule the turn-off/transfer date for the day after your move to keep cool and stay safe.

Turn On The Power In Your New Home

Your soon-to-be old home still has power. But what about the new one? It's not likely that the weather will suddenly cool down when the movers arrive at your new house or apartment. Start your new electricity service the day before your move. This allows you to turn on the AC ahead of time. 

Schedule A Mover In Advance

The heat and humidity will make a DIY move even more difficult than it already is. Most homeowners and renters don't have the experience, expertise, or equipment (such as dollies or ramps) to easily and efficiently move an entire house or apartment. Add in the summer heat and you increase the risks of a summer-time move.

Whether the heat affects you more than most or you just prefer to keep cool on every summer day, moving services can help. Professional moving contractors work year-round. Even though the heat affects the movers too, they have the skill-level and experience to efficiently move everything you own in less time than a do-it-yourself approach would take. But this doesn't mean you can call the mover the day or week before your big day and expect plenty of availability. 

Contact the moving company as soon as you know your move-out/move-in date. Summer vacation time off from work and school often equals a busy summer moving season. The sooner you schedule your summertime move, the better. 

Keep A Cooler Nearby

Hydration is essential during a move—especially in the summer heat. Stock an ice-filled cooler with bottles of water. Keep the cooler (and water) nearby during every step of the moving process. 

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