4 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Office

6 December 2022
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Moving companies have the equipment — such as dollies, corrugated boxes, and machine carts — to help you efficiently move your office belongings. The professionals can transport many things in one or two trips, saving you money and time. Also, the movers will ensure delicate items like electronic devices are safe. This advantage will protect you from costly repairs.

Here are mistakes you should avoid when moving your office.

Failure to Assess the New Office

You need to assess your new office to identify areas that need upgrading. For example, there should be enough outlets for your machines. You also need to ensure the electrical and plumbing system is working perfectly. This precaution will help you have a smooth transition when moving. Otherwise, you may delay settling in your new office as the electrician and plumber conduct the necessary upgrades.

Moreover, ensure your furniture fits in your new office space. This measure will help you avoid re-designing the furniture or replacing them with new ones, saving money and time.

Not Informing Your Clients

You should inform your clients and suppliers that you are moving to a new location. You can do so a few weeks prior to moving. You should also update your address on your website and social media pages. Also, you can leave a notice on the main door of your old premises. These steps will protect your business from losing customers, as some of them may switch to your competitors if they find you closed shop.

Your suppliers may not deliver essential products or services if they aren't aware of your new location on time. This anomaly may interrupt your normal business operations, affecting your productivity and revenue. You may also incur costly repairs if you have equipment that requires regular maintenance.

Not Taking Inventory

Failure to take inventory before moving can be costly. You may lose essential office items like laptops, tablets, and phones during transit. Some delicate items may also get damaged. Moving companies usually observe utmost safety precautions to protect your belongings. However, misfortunes are bound to happen once in a while.  

An inventory will help you identify items that have been damaged or lost. This information will come in handy when making an insurance claim. Such evidence is vital when negotiating with insurance adjusters as it will help speed up the reimbursement process.

Failure to Declutter

Decluttering your office before moving will help eliminate items you don't need, such as old furniture, damaged appliances, and packing boxes. As a result, you will have more room to load your belongings in the moving truck. You will also have more space in your new office. 

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