How To Protect Your Piano During When Relocating

6 December 2022
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Every household has some prized possessions that must be handled with care during a move. Unsurprisingly, pianos are among the most expensive items in every home. So, if you own a piano, you should figure out how to protect it when relocating. This write-up has some tips on how you can protect pianos when moving. 

Get Help

Unlike most items you own, pianos can be extremely heavy and large. So, any attempt to move them by yourself will often lead to accidents. Dropping a piano might cause irreversible damage to it. As such, you should ask your friends, relatives, or loved ones to help you carry and load the piano into the truck. With enough help, you should get the job done pretty fast.

Wrap the Piano

All pianos are pretty delicate. And since you wouldn't want to ruin the finish on your piano, you'll have to wrap it with some protective material. Experts recommend that you wrap the piano with blankets. The blankets should protect the piano against knocks and scratches. At least you won't need to fret about dents and scratches on the piano.

Clear the Walkways and Doorways

Before you start moving the piano from the house into the truck, you must ensure that there are no obstructions. So, plan the route you wish to use and clear any furniture or items that stand in the way. Doing so ensures that you won't trip or hit anything when making your way through the doorway and walkways. You might even need to take measurements of the walkways to determine whether the piano will fit.

Protect the Keyboard

Before you start moving the piano, you'll need to protect the keys. Remember, the keys are pretty delicate, and you wouldn't want them to get damaged during the move. So, wipe any dust or particles off the keys before closing the lid. Also, ensure the lid is tight and secure, so it doesn't open during transportation.

Hire Piano Movers

Talk to professional piano movers if you feel that moving the piano by yourself might result in accidents. These movers are your best bet when you want help moving the piano safely. They have the experience, skills, and equipment to do the job. 

As such, you can trust them to transport your piano without causing damage. You can even insure your piano with the movers just in case something happens. Hiring professional piano movers has always proved to be worth every penny.