Moving On A Tight Schedule? 4 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of A Last-Minute Move

20 June 2017
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Under the best circumstances, you'd have several months to prepare for a move. Unfortunately, some moves don't give you that much time to prepare. If you've been transferred, and you've only been given a couple of weeks to prepare, you've got your work cut out for you. While last-minute moves aren't impossible, they're definitely more difficult to pull off. Here are four simple suggestions that will take some of the stress, and work, out of a last-minute move.


When it comes to last-minute moves, you might not have enough time to pack everything you own. That's where downsizing comes in handy. If you know you won't be able to take everything, make sure you can take the most important things with you, by going room-to-room and downsizing. Starting in your bedroom, go through drawers and cupboards, and sort your belongings into three separate piles; keep, giveaway, and toss. Pack the things you're keeping, arrange pickup for your donated items, and toss the rest.

Gather a Team

If you're going to successfully pull off a last-minute move, you'll need a team you can rely on. Assemble a team consisting of your friends and family members; people who will work hard all day, for free – or for food. Divide your friends into teams, and assign each team a specific task. This will ensure that everything on your list, gets taken care of, quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to add cleaning to the list of items your teams can take care of for you.

Make Packing Easier

When you're packing for a last-minute move, you might not have enough time to gather all the packing materials you'll need, especially the boxes. If you haven't been able to gather enough boxes to pack up all your belongings, reserve the boxes for essential items. Take the stress out of packing the rest, by utilizing plastic bags for things like towels, bedding, and even clothing. If you're concerned about your clothing, leave them on hangers, and then place a bag over the hanger, much like a garment bag.

Hire a Last-Minute Moving Service

If your last-minute move has turned into more work than you can handle, it's time to bring in the professionals, like Modern Movers, Inc. Many moving companies will provide last-minute services for people who are on a tight schedule, and need to get moved quickly. When making the arrangements, be sure to ask about other services they may have available, such as assistance with packing.