Make Sure Your Moving Quote Includes Insurance And Packing

21 December 2015
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Before hiring a moving company, you'll want to get a quote that details how much it will cost to move your belongings. Often, moving quotes are complex and include several different charges that detail each part of the moving process. Optional services, however, are frequently not included in quotes -- because these services are optional. If you're hiring a moving company or comparing quotes from several moving companies, there are two optional services that you should make sure are included in each quote that you get. Read More 

Moving Without Damage: Packing Hacks For Your Kitchen

8 September 2015
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Moving can be a stressful experience. From the overall cleaning and organizing to storing and finding the perfect new residence, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of changing homes. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on packing your belongings. Considering moving to a new residence requires moving fragile items from your home, you may break one or more necessary belongings. If you are part of the 27. Read More 

6 Reasons Why Hiring A Moving Company Is Worth The Money

15 July 2015
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When planning for moving day, you might have friends and family members who offer to help you move.  While it's nice to have people offer to help, it's not always worth the money you save. Here are some reasons why hiring licensed movers is better than free volunteers. You won't have to pack Your friends might gladly offer a hand with the heavy lifting, but they won't pack your belongings for you. Read More 

Nervous To Drive Your U-Haul Truck? Follow These Safety Tips For Peace Of Mind

16 June 2015
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If you've never driven a moving truck before, you might be a little apprehensive to drive your rented U-Haul. These trucks are designed with the knowledge that drivers with little truck-driving experience will be using them. They have large, ample mirrors, and they are generally rented to you with a user's guide and a set of instructions to ensure you drive safely. Still, it never hurts to be extra cautious. Following these tips will not only help keep you safe, but also give you peace of mind. Read More 

5 Animal Friendly Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

8 April 2015
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Even when it is under heavy lock and key, mice and other pests can find ways into a storage unit. These units are supposed to protect belongings, but a mouse can easily chew through boxes, books, and precious photographs. Instead of laying down poison or traps, you can prevent the animals from entering your unit without harming them in the process. The following five preventive measures can be completed in a majority of self storage units. Read More